Breathe Better (Podcast Show Notes)

Hi and welcome to the Another Average Joe website! If this is your first time here feel free to take a look around. As promised below are a few reference articles from Another Average Podcast Episode 5: Breathe Better What is the Barany Chair? Check it out HERE What is Diaphragmatic breathing? A quick introContinue reading “Breathe Better (Podcast Show Notes)”

Take The First Step

First, if you’re reading this I want to say thank you. Another Average Joe was created because of your support and encouragement. It was an idea that I was interested enough in to take the first step. It’s an important lesson to re-visit, because this website almost didn’t come back online. I launched the websiteContinue reading “Take The First Step”

Learn To Love The Process

“Love the process and the grind more than the payoff”-Gary Vee You may be thinking “this is a page about transitioning out of the military, why is he talking about Gary Vee?” Well, that’s because leaving the military is a process and in order to completely own it you need to think about it thatContinue reading “Learn To Love The Process”

Elite Meet: Elite Veterans, Premier Industries, Real Results

This is one of my favorite veteran non-profits. I’m excited to share my experience with you as they were critical to the success I had during my separation journey. Elite Meet (EM) was founded in 2017 with the goal of helping specifically those in the special operations and fighter pilot communities. Check them out HERE.Continue reading “Elite Meet: Elite Veterans, Premier Industries, Real Results”

Candorful: Nail That Interview!

Now that you’ve completed the separation basics and set up your LinkedIn Account, you’re hopefully getting ready to practice for some interviews or maybe even getting calls to set some up. If you’re like me however, your last job interview might have been in high school, or not at all. So where do you look?Continue reading “Candorful: Nail That Interview!”

Believe In Yourself

This week I wanted to discuss a topic that is important, but often misunderstood. You see lots of motivational quotes and message about believing in yourself. As David Goggins says however, motivation is crap. You’re going to have good days and bad days. What lasts longer than motivation is a true belief in yourself. KnowingContinue reading “Believe In Yourself”

Network For Success

Today we’re talking about networking. While a lot has changed about how people are networking due to COVID-19, the basics still apply. Today I’m going to discuss the basics of networking and highlight just how important it is. If you don’t have LinkedIn, I recommend you get one now (This is not a specific postContinue reading “Network For Success”