Take The First Step

First, if you’re reading this I want to say thank you. Another Average Joe was created because of your support and encouragement. It was an idea that I was interested enough in to take the first step. It’s an important lesson to re-visit, because this website almost didn’t come back online.

I launched the website in September 2020 as a blog focused on connecting veterans with resources. I was just starting out networking and growing through social media and made a few initial posts I felt good about. Then the writing didn’t come as easy, the posts slowed, and the website didn’t change much. In the summer of 2021 I decided to switch hosting services because I’d convinced myself I would do better by doing so. In September I took the website offline as I worked the process to switch everything over, and that’s where it almost stayed.

I got stuck in a perfectionist mindset, and I needed everything to be perfect before I brought it back. I procrastinated, I made excuses, and having the website down made it easy. It wasn’t until early November (over two months for just a quick switch) that I finally re-launched the website. There was no new posts, and I didn’t feel ready. The important part is I took the first step (again) by putting my content back out there for the world. No matter if it’s something new or something you started and stopped. Taking that first step forward (or again) is necessary.

What project, idea, or thing are you not starting because you’re stuck in fear?

How far along could you be by now if you’d just started?

Don’t let those questions eat at you. I know the holidays are coming up and it’s a time of year that many people start relaxing or planning for the new year. My advice to you: Don’t wait!

2022 won’t be any different from 2021 unless you’re different. You get there by taking that first step.

Ed Mylett calls this time of year “Separation Season” and it’s the perfect time to start whatever you’ve been putting off. Thinking about your post military plans? Start networking now. Been waiting to get back into a fitness routine? Go for a walk or run today. The examples are endless. For me, I took the first step re-launching the website and writing a post again. I won’t promise you a new post every week, but I can tell you I won’t stop producing content for Another Average Joe. You’ll be hearing me more soon!


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