Sunday Update

Hey guys, it’s been a bit since I posted on here. I wanted to take some time this Sunday and give everyone an update on 2021 and the exciting things on the horizon.

The biggest thing on the horizon is Another Average Joe: Veteran Community. I’m working to build an online community experience that helps transitioning service members and recently separated veterans make the most of their journey. From making the decision to get out, VA benefits explained, finding your next career, to perspective from those who’ve done this before I’m working to build up the veteran community. The best part is that it’s all inspired and influenced by you, the service members and veterans. Make sure you subscribe HERE to be notified before the launch. Also feel free to reach out with any suggestions you’d like to see.

I’ve also been working a lot with several great organizations that help veterans in various ways. Make sure to follow me on Instagram where I do weekly #SmallBusinessSaturday highlights for veteran run small businesses.

Two I want to highlight today are:

Organic Grit and Outlaws Inc.

Organic Grit has products launching next week so make sure you check out their website or follow on Instagram.

Outlaws Inc. is an awesome organization helping veterans find skilled trade careers. Does this apply to you? Know someone interested?

Check them out HERE or on Instagram.

I’ll be adding more resources and resource related posts shortly. Thanks for all your support and I’m excited to keep connecting veterans with resources.

For daily content and updates check out my Instagram and look for the hashtags below.

#veteranshelpingveterans #AnotherAvgJoe

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